Introduction to LLAMA


A specialized adding-machine app

LLAMA, the Li’l, Likeable Adding-Machine App, is a “10-key,” 12-digit, PQRS (Product, Quotient/Remainder, Sum) calculator that makes short work of totaling columns of monetary values.

Unlike a conventional calculator, an adding machine is specialized for bookkeeping. In addition, LLAMA further refines the adding machine.

Bookkeeping may include activities like balancing your checkbook, doing your taxes, or recording your business’s financial transactions.

LLAMA maintains a running total of additions to and subtractions from its accumulator, and can also multiply and divide a monetary value by a whole number.

Features of LLAMA include:


• Buttonless; uses keyboard for data entry

• 10-key syntax

• Automatic number formatting


• Simulated (20x12)-character vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) with

– Blinking underline cursor

– 18-character, 12-digit numeric display

– 10-line window into 100-line scrolling and scrollable “tape”


• Copy display value to clipboard

For more in-depth information about the benefits and features of LLAMA, watch the video above. You can also read the Users Guide to learn how to take full advantage of the efficiency LLAMA offers.

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